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英国人看作文,看三部分.Task .Organisation和Language. Task 就不说了.就是要切题.Organisation 很重要,分为introduction、mainbody. conclusion. 在introduction中 分为四部分 general speaking. 就是很宽泛的讲一下.比如说题目是

We all know it can be a frustrating and sometimes painful experience going to study in a foreign country, with its different language and culture. But while overseas study has its drawbacks, the difficulties are far outweighed by the advantages. Indeed,

第一篇 In recent years, studying abroad has flourished. Thousands of schloars and students have gone to foreign countries to study. Many people are sparing no effort in applying for going abroad. Attending schools abroad has many advantages.

Nowadays, study abroad has increasingly become a hot topic in campus with the improvement of the people's life standard and the fast development of student exchange programs. However, there are some different views about going abroad to

We can learn a lot if we travel abroad. It is even better that you can spend some weeks, say summer holiday to study abroad. You can learn foreign culture and customs. You get to meet new friends. If you study in England, U.S.A, Canada, Australia,

Nowdays many Chinese people can enjoy the overseas travel during during their holiday,and take photos,buy souvenirs and even afford foreign extravagant goods. about ten years' ago,in 1995,only few people have chance to go abroad for leisure.

自己写的,希望满意 Study abroad or not With the developing of the world, the world we live has become much smaller. Nowadays, more and more students have to make a choice on whether or not should they study abroad. Studying in and abroad

Some people believe that attending a college or university in a foreign country has many advantages. They think that attending a college or university abroad can help them learn more than they can from universities in their own country, especially

Nowadays, going study abroad is very popular. Many people want to the United States of America, because other people will envy them and they can get a certificate from abroad, which separate them from the students in domesticate. But there are

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