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Some people believe that attending a college or university in a foreign country has many advantages. They think that attending a college or university abroad can help them learn more than they can from universities in their own country, especially

享受生活、不忘使命 in my 18 years of life, there have been many things. university days are the best part of them. i can never forget the days when i stepped into my university. i was impressed by its garden-like campus, its enthusiastic students and

When you choose to study abroad, you are making an investment for your future. You will be looing for a qualification that will encance your career prospects, and a word-class international university will support you in your studies. You will be taught

with the rapid development of society, we have entered an era of information explosion. in order to acquire more knowledge, more and more people decide to further their study abroad. studying abroad brings about many advantages. it widen

we all know it can be a frustrating and sometimes painful experience going to study in a foreign country, with its different language and culture. but while overseas study has its drawbacks, the difficulties are far outweighed by the advantages. indeed,


Advantages:It widens students' knowledge and horizons, meanwhile cultivats their independence and personalities. learn advanced knowledge and experience. Provides opportunities to students, who can learn advanced management experience.

Firstly, studying abroad is the best way to learn a language.there is no better and more effective way to learn a language than to imersed in a culture that speaks the language. Secondly,studying abroad allows you to get to another culture firstt hand.

Recent years, more and more Chinese people have chosen to study abroad. To this tendency, some people think it is not good, as most of the overseas learners do not come back, However, I hold a different opinion. In my opinion, it is a good thing

Werkbau - The Advantage/disadvantage of Studying abroadRecently, more students choose to study abroad as they think that it is worth going. On the other hand, some think of it another way. Students may suffer from studying abroad as there are a

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